Best Online Places To Buy and Sell Your Website

Buy and Sell Website, Best Online Places To Buy and Sell Your Website, Blogger Techie

Flippa is an online marketplace used by website owners who would like to sell their sites and digital assets.

Flippa is great for selling online business and virtual products but many people also use it to sell regular websites. There’s a lot of revenue in selling this kind of products. The service aims to sell sites people think they won’t use any longer.

Flippa weeds out tire kickers, so purchasing process can’t be disrupted. Nonetheless, some claim there are some scammers but in general, Flippa is very safe.

Something else to note is that there are websites sold in any price range and Flippa’s interface is easy to navigate.

At Flippa, small and medium-sized businesses can sell their sites hassle-free and without time-consuming processes. The site allows anyone to list their site and allows anyone to buy as well.

So, this platform does not restrict customers on a tight budget from using Flippa. Whatever the budget or the website type you have for sale, you can buy and sell on Flippa without paying or dealing with hidden fees.


Buy and Sell Website, Best Online Places To Buy and Sell Your Website, Blogger Techie

Sedo doubles as a domain parking provider and a marketplace for those willing to make money on website sales. Sedo has a member pool of 2 million users and the registration is free. There are plenty of startups that join the site for selling digital products and websites. Processing a sale on Sedo is very easy.

Sedo is best known for providing a sale process that is fast and secure. The platform is used for selling domain names and websites of any size and niche. The only drawback may be the absence of an app that can facilitate things even more. Nevertheless, the site is truly optimized for smartphones and tablets, making it ideal to make transactions on smart devices.

There are several ways to sell and buy websites on Sedo, one of them is to put items at auction. The auction process is executed in a completely safe environment.

Apart from that, Sedo usually gets visitors interested in selling or buying selling sites. The most commonly offered product in this platform is this kind of site.

Buy and Sell Website, Best Online Places To Buy and Sell Your Website, Blogger Techie

Side Projectors is a marketplace that specializes is selling and buying side projects, and certainly websites. It seems that Side Porjectors is preferred for marketers who create separated projects and then put them for sale. Despite this, Side Projects welcomes any kind of digital projects besides websites. Using this platform is completely free and they don’t charge for listing a site for sale. On top of that, they don’t take any commission either.

Besides allowing website sales, Side Projectors aims to offer deals that involve aps, digital projects of any kind, and other digital services. In this site, everything is so easy and straightforward that nobody needs to have expertise in buying and selling sites to make money. Side Projectors contains a guide that helps beginners tap into this business. It is the paradise of bloggers who haven’t been able to maintain their sites properly and now want to sell them.

In brief, customers put a site for sale along with a description that explains what it is about. They can also specify the price and highlight things of the project. Everybody can sell a website on Side. Normally, education websites, marketplaces, and travel sites are the most sought-out for here.

The average price for a medium-sized website is $1000, but surely there are many others below and above that price.

Buy and Sell Website, Best Online Places To Buy and Sell Your Website, Blogger Techie

Empire Flipper is a portal that serves established companies and sites exclusively, allowing purchase and offers from customers. Here, you can sell your site after approval.

Empire Flippers features a host of digital projects and sites for sale. Most of the websites that are being sold in this platform are targeted at business projects, reviews, or had belonged to established medium-sized companies. Majority of published sites can be re-used for other projects in the same niche.

Empire Flippers displays the information of a company, so the buyer can get information on who is selling. After closing a deal, the customer can leave review describing the experience.

Empire Flipper makes sure the purchase is carried out as safely as possible by guiding buyers through the process and transferring the site assets into their ownership.

Submitting a site here has a cost. So after paying the listing fee and completing some questions, they put the site on list.

Buy and Sell Website, Best Online Places To Buy and Sell Your Website, Blogger Techie

Transferlot is a customer-focused website where small and medium-sized businesses sell their project and websites to the community of trusted buyers. Transferslot is practically new to this industry in comparison to other services, with 79k completed transactions and over 1500 contact requests and counting.

All projects to be submitted are meticulously checked previously to ensure they are no scams and are trustworthy.

Transferslot keeps in touch with its customers by sending them products via newsletter. Among the benefits of becoming a member of this community are the dedicated email and unlimited re-listing.

Unfortunately, the platform does not have an escrow system yet, so there are still gaps in the purchasing processes that require improvement.

Buy and Sell Website, Best Online Places To Buy and Sell Your Website, Blogger Techie

FE Interntanional is recognized as a pre-eminent global advisor for companies that are in SaaS, M&A, and e-commerce and content industry. So far, it has worked actively on the purchase and sale of 800 online businesses, which are half a billion dollars in value. The site aims to do business with website brokers who assess and valuate products.

The platform gives access to a global network of investors who purchase websites according to the demand and current value. Practically only medium-sized and big companies and bloggers who own big online stores and selling websites are recommended to enlist their items here.

Feinternaional has a success rate of nearly 100% and operates on a highly efficient data-driven process. Plus, they provide personalized customer support to make sure there are no snags in the sale and purchase.

Whether you are an individual buying your first online business, or somebody looking to invest in a digital project, Feinternatinal is stocked upon a great variety of websites and projects that can be interesting and meet different requirements.

To sell your site, just enter its URL in the corresponding field and the expertise team will valuate it.

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